Somali President appoints caretaker Prime Minister after Ali Khaire’s ouster

FILE PHOTO: Somalia’s newly appointed Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire attends the Parliament in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, March 1, 2017. /Reuters

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has appointed Mahdi Mohamed Gulaid as the Caretaker Prime Minister following the removal of Hassan Ali Khaire from the position earlier on Saturday.

Before his appointment to the position, Gulaid served as Deputy Prime Minister.

“Effective from today and as per the Provisional Constitution, His Excellency Mahdi Mohamed Gulaid will serve in the new capacity until the nomination of a permanent Prime Minister who will continue stay the course of rebuilding Somalia in line with the government’s vision and the expectations of the Somali people,” Somalia’s presidency said in a statement.

The country’s parliament ousted Khaire in a no-confidence vote on Saturday, the speaker of the house said, due to criticism of his efforts to tighten security in the country.

The no-confidence vote garnered 170-8 votes

President Farmajo later confirmed the development, saying he had “accepted the decision.”

“President Farmajo will immediately appoint a Prime Minister who will form a government that will take the country out of this transitional period and strengthen social services in the country,” he said.

Khaire served as Prime Minister since February 2017.