Namibia’s first lady hails China for leading COVID-19 fight

Namibia’s First Lady Monica Geingos on Friday hailed China for taking a leading role in the world’s fight against COVID-19, noting that the Asian country had helped countries around the globe tackle the pandemic.

Geingos said China has particularly played an important role in Africa’s fight against COVID-19 through numerous donations of critical medical equipment.

The 43-year-old made the remarks at a donation event for anti-pandemic medical supplies from the Chinese government through the Organization of African First Ladies for Development to help mothers and children combat COVID-19.

“This pandemic has also shown that when we speak about solidarity and friendship, with those words we mean them because we are not only speaking about them, but we (are) also practicing them,” she said.

Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Zhang Yiming said that the assistance provided by China to Namibia vividly reflects the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership and all-weather friendship between the two countries.

China is willing to cooperate with Namibia in combating COVID-19, eliminating poverty and promoting the development of women and youth, he said.

As of Friday afternoon, Africa had reported more than 546,000 COVID-19 infections and over 12,500 deaths.