Namibia records first COVID-19 death

Namibia on Friday recorded the first COVID-19 death after 116 days without any recorded deaths.

Namibia’s Health Minister, Kalumbi Shangula, on Friday announced that the victim is a 45-year-old male from the coastal town of Walvis Bay.

“The patient complained of respiratory ailment. He showed signs of severe renal failure and sepsis. On July 8 the patient’s condition worsened. The patient became restless and hyperventilating and died on the same day,” he added.

Shangula called on the public to internalize the fact that COVID-19 is real.

“This death must strengthen our resolve to comply with preventive measures and to cooperate with those at the forefront of the response,” he added.

Namibia had recorded 667 positive cases, of which 25 had recovered.