Chinese medical team in Sudan shares experience in COVID-19 prevention with Chinese doctors

Chinese medical experts in Sudan discuss anti-coronavirus experience with Chinese doctors in Sudan, on June 6, 2020. (Xinhua/Ma Yichong)

Chinese anti-coronavirus medical experts in Sudan on Saturday discussed the prevention and control of COVID-19 with members of the 35th Chinese medical team in the country.

The forum, held at Omdurman Friendship Hospital of Sudan, was presided over by Zhou Lin, head of the Chinese medical expert team.

The scientific nature of COVID-19, laboratory testing and improvement of mental health are among the topics. The Chinese experts reminded the medical team’s members to improve their immunity and strengthen the protection in work and daily life to resist the virus.

The members of the 35th Chinese medical team consulted with the experts on patient classification management, doctors’ protection and cleaning.

After the discussion, the Chinese medical expert team donated medical equipment to the Chinese doctors in Sudan.

“We welcome the proposal of the experts … we will further enhance the level of protection and provide support and assistance within our capacity to Sudan in its fight against COVID-19,” said Guo Yadong, head of 35th Chinese medical team in Sudan.

On June 5, coordinated by the Chinese embassy in the Sudan, the Chinese medical expert team organized a video conference on prevention of the coronavirus with China’s embassies in South Sudan, Mauritania and Morocco.

The Chinese medical expert team arrived in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on May 28 from Algeria after ending its two-week anti-coronavirus mission there.

China has offered help to Sudan in its fight against COVID-19.

In late March, the Chinese Embassy in Sudan donated over 400,000 surgical masks to the Sudanese government.

On April 23, Chinese medical experts held a video conference with Sudanese counterparts to share China’s experiences in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.