COVID-19: Mauritius to lift lockdown restrictions at midnight

Illuminated waterfront promenade with restaurants and bars reflecting in the water of Port Louis, capital of Mauritius. Port Louis, Mauritius. /Getty Images

Mauritius, considered one of Africa’s most successful countries in combating the new coronavirus will lift lockdown restrictions as of midnight, May 30.

However certain restrictions will remain in place with re-evaluation scheduled to take place 2 weeks later, on June 15th.

Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth in a press Conference on Friday said Resto, café, food-court, shops, shopping malls can start their activities under some sanitary precautions.

“Open markets can also trade as per rules that we will communicate. We are advising that where possible people can continue to work at home, sports (individual) can resume. Prayers houses can open again. Beaches, cinema, discotheques will not open straight away.”

He also submitted that, collective sports, religious events and cultural events will also not be possible.

“We will review in 2 weeks. If cases remain zero, we will open up even further for more  activities from 15 June,” he added.

Schools will however remain closed until August 1, and on this day there will be  preparations by staff, parents and pupils ahead of the full resumption slated for August 3.