Death toll from ongoing flooding in Kenya rises to 237

237 people have died in Kenya since the onset of short rains across the country in April.

Kenya’s Devolution and ASALs minister Eugene Wamalwa

The government has warned the situation could get worse given the fatality rate has risen from 194 people announced last week.

The continued rains and subsequent flooding has also affected over 161,000 households with most forced to relocate to higher ground.

Kenya’s Devolution and ASALs minister Eugene Wamalwa warned that with the rainy season expected to go well into June, the situation could get worse.

“With the rain still going on, our dams still filling up and we expect more will be affected. We are here today to urge Kenyans in flood-prone areas, in landslide areas to move to safer grounds,” Wamalwa said during a briefing on Wednesday.

104,000 people have been displaced by the floods in Western Kenya alone.

Government officials have visited areas that have been mostly hit by the rain havoc to access the situation, with Garissa and Mandera counties in the northern region having been most affected by the floods.

The government is tapping a special fund to cushion the most vulnerable affected by the floods.

“All families affected will receive support from the national government. In terms of relief food, we continue supplying to all the regions that have been affected,” he said.

The government will also channel clean water to the affected families in their temporary shelters.