Legal win for Blatter as Swiss prosecutors say they intend to drop one case

Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter. /VCG Photo

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter has scored a legal victory as Swiss federal prosecutors announced plans to drop one of two cases against him for suspected criminal mismanagement.

The Swiss attorney general’s office said on Saturday that it intended to close an investigation into how FIFA awarded World Cup broadcast rights in the Caribbean during the 84-year-old reign in 2005.

The criminal proceeding against Blatter was opened over four years ago, and it helped remove him from the office he held for more than 17 years ago.

He is currently serving a six-year FIFA ban from soccer.

The former FIFA chief is however not in the clear yet as a second criminal proceeding against him – for a $2 million payment he authorized to FIFA vice president Michel Platini in 2011 for uncontracted salary – remains open.

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