Lebanon seizes 25 tonnes of hashish to be smuggled to Africa

Close up of a cannabis plant


File photo: Cannabis plant growing in greenhouse. (Image: Getty). Hashish, or hash, is a drug made from the resin of the cannabis plant.

Lebanese police have seized about 25 tonnes of hashish that were set to be smuggled to an African state, in the country’s biggest drug bust, Lebanese security forces said on Friday.

The hashish was hidden in eight trucks which were stopped last month on their way to Beirut port after the security forces received information about preparations to smuggle a large amount of the drug to an African state.

“After finishing the inspection of the trucks, great quantities of hashish were seized, weighing around 25 tonnes, packed in bags, each one of which weighed between 25-30 kg,” the security forces said in a statement.

“Work continues to arrest those involved,” they added.