World Bank delivers $82 million boost to Nigeria’s public health efforts


Photo of World Bank logo.PHOTO/Reuters

The World Bank has released $82 million for immediate support in strengthening Nigeria’s public health response through the Regional Disease Surveillance System Enhancement Project (REDISSE).

In addition to the immediate money, the World Bank is being asked to provide a multi-pronged package of support over the next six months to strengthen the country’s preparedness for the immediate health crisis.

The World Bank would also provide the federal government with budget support for a pro-poor stimulus package and the long term recovery, the statement said.

“Efforts to protect livelihoods and support local economic activities over the next 18 to 24 months will be critical in mitigating the economic and human impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” it added.

“Together with partners, the bank is discussing with the states and relevant federal agencies how best to protect livelihoods of poor and vulnerable families and support micro, small and medium enterprises to enable recovery,” the bank said.

“Through the REDISSE project, about $10.6 million has already been committed to supporting the Nigeria Center for Disease Control in strengthening states’ emergency operation center, building, renovating and providing equipment for treatment centers across eight states, as well as bringing in essential medical supplies and drugs, testing kits, personal protective equipment for frontline health workers” it added.