South Sudanese official urges world to draw lessons from China in COVID-19 fight


South Sudan’s Foreign Minister Beatrice Khamisa has called upon the world to take lessons from China’s fight against COVID-19 as they strive to tackle the disease.

Khamisa made the call on Tuesday in the capital Juba, where she also hailed China as a true friend of her country.

The foreign minister noted that China’s rapid action and effective measures quickly controlled the epidemic and set an example for the world.

South Sudan has been a beneficiary of China’s medical aid for years, as it struggles to rise from the damage caused by years of conflict.

Chinese doctors have been at the forefront in providing medical care to the people of South Sudan.

South Sudan is one of 52 African countries that have recorded COVID-19 cases. The continent’s confirmed COVID-19 cases have surpassed 9,000, with over 400 deaths. Over 800 patients have recovered.

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