Egypt sends two plane-loads of medical supplies to Italy

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio offers an elbow greeting as he receives a delivery of Egyptian medical aid at a military airfield near Rome. (IMAGE: Italian Foreign Ministry)

Egypt has sent two military aircraft loaded with medical supplies to Italy, President Fatah al Sisi’s spokesperson says. The move comes as both countries continue to grapple with a balooning number of COVID-19 cases.

Sisi’s office says the delivery of protective gear, disinfectant and other medical supplies were made in the spirit of solidarity between friendly countries.

The shipment was accompanied by Egyptian Health Minister Hala Zayed, who also arrived in Italy today. She was welcomed by Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio, who called the shipment “essential support” for Italy’s hospitals and gesture that was deeply appreciated.

 Italy currently ranks third in the world for novel coronavirus caseload, with nearly 120,000 infections and over 15,000 deaths. Egypt, on the other hand, holds the distinction of being the first country in Africa to detect the virus within its borders on February 15. It has since recorded 985 known infections and 66 deaths.

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