Uganda coronavirus cases rise to 30

The COVID-19 cases in Uganda more than doubled within two days after rising to 30 on Saturday.
On Friday, the confirmed cases moved from 14 to 18, before jumping to 23 and on Saturday night, the Ministry of Health in a tweet announced that the confirmed cases had hit 30.
However, the ministry did not give details of the travel history of the latest seven patients.
“To date, a total of 1,175 cases are under follow up; 876 of these are under institutional quarantine while 299 are under self-quarantine. A total of 1,596 high-risk travelers have completed their 14 days of follow-up and have been issued with certificates of completion of the mandatory quarantine,” the ministry said in a statement hours before announcing the seven cases.
Earlier in the day, President Yoweri Museveni said although the figures were increasing, he was happy to see that the majority of the people who returned from Dubai and other places (227) were negative.
“Nevertheless, the medical teams will trace all the contacts and check on them. We may have to take additional drastic measures,” the President said in a tweet.
Museveni has since banned public transport and stopped the sale of non-food items in markets in a bid to halt the spread of the virus.
However, the Ugandan leader urged people in the agriculture sector not to relent saying food must be produced even in the face of the current pandemic.
The president also banned both incoming and outgoing travel as well as suspending all passenger flights, save for emergency and cargo ones. Cargo trucks, not carrying more than three passengers are also free to move.


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