Kenya, Uganda turn to prayer as COVID-19 spreads

President Uhuru Kenyatta leading the nation in the national prayer day against coronavirus at Statehouse, Nairobi./Photo by Statehouse.

Presidents from Uganda and Kenya on Saturday led their countries in a day of national prayer, seeking divine intervention in the face of the global pandemic.

As cases continue to rise across the globe, the religious community took a moment to pray for those in the field of science to find ways to combat the deadly disease.

In Kenyan capital Nairobi, President Uhuru Kenyatta asked Kenyans to continue praying for the country, saying it is good to pray together as a nation.

Statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena (L) during the national prayer day against coronavirus. /Photo by Statehouse Kenya.

He urged them to always remember that when a nation trusts in God, it prospers.

“And Kenya is a nation that believes in the Almighty as represented in the opening of our National Anthem where we recognize Him as God of all creation,” the President emphasized.

The interdenominational prayers were beamed live by television and radio stations as well as online platforms to enable Kenyans across the country to participate in the prayers.

The President said God is listening to the prayers of Kenyans and that He will grant them their desires and wishes.

This was replicated in the neighboring country Uganda  where President Yoweri Museveni said he was glad that his country was praying, but even as they do, they must also continue doing as much to battle the coronavirus.

“God created us in his own image and gave us the power to establish dominion over nature. Eventually, we shall defeat COVID-19,” he said.

“I believe in God because of my experience, I believe that there is God and I have given that testimony even in the books I have written. I have seen in my life that there are things not done by me, but another power- God.”

Museveni said that the idea of national prayers came from religious leaders. He bought into the idea because from his experience, prayer has always worked even in the past, according to scripture.


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