Botswana restricts travel from COVID-19 affected countries

Botswana has imposed a travel restriction against countries designated as COVID-19 high risk in a bid to contain the spread of the disease.

A government notice published on Saturday said the country also halted the issuance of visas to persons traveling from the COVID-19 affected countries until further notice.

“All persons coming to Botswana from high-risk countries (as defined by the World Health Organization

(WHO)) shall not be allowed entry into the country until further notice,” the gazette notice read in part.

“Issuance of Visa at Ports of entry and at all Embassies for any person from high-risk areas is suspended with immediate effect until further notice.

“Current visas of persons from high-risk countries are canceled with immediate effect until further notice.”

The Southern African country also banned all public gatherings of more than 10 people with immediate effect, including sporting events, religious events, conferences, weddings and music concerts. It also banned visits to prisons.

While urging the public to avoid handshakes and hugs, the government urged all Batswana to postpone all unnecessary foreign travel.

Botswana is one of less than 15 African countries that have not recorded a case of COVID-19.

The continent has reported more than 1,000 cases, with fears that the number could rise much higher in the days ahead. The World Health Organization has called upon all countries to put more effort in the COVID-19 fight in order to contain the spread.