Canadian PM Justin Trudeau self-isolates as wife awaits COVID-19 test results

FILE PHOTO: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a Liberal Party caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, April 2, 2019. /Reuters Photo

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is self-isolating as a precautionary measure while his wife awaits results of a COVID-19 test.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is reported to have exhibited flu-like symptoms after returning from the U.K. where she had travelled for a speaking engagement.

The Prime Minister’s Office says she sought medical advice immediately and was tested for COVID-19 before being placed on isolation before the results are released.

“The doctor’s advice to the Prime Minister is to continue daily activities while self-monitoring, given he is exhibiting no symptoms himself. However, out of an abundance of caution, the Prime Minister is opting to self-isolate and work from home until receiving Sophie’s results,” said a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The Prime Minister will spend the day in briefings, phone calls, and virtual meetings from home, including speaking with other world leaders and joining the special COVID-19 cabinet committee discussion.”

Earlier, PM Trudeau outlined the Canadian government’s response to COVID-19, which included the establishment of an over $1 billion COVID-19 Response Fund.

“Our message to Canadians is clear: to every worker and business, in every province and territory, we have your back and we will get through this together,” said PM Trudeau.