Ugandan Finance Ministry ‘mistakenly’ wires $538,200 to its Chinese embassy

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Ministry of Finance has asked the Ugandan Embassy in China to return $538,200 (Shs2 billion) that was reportedly sent in error as part of the relief money for Ugandan students stranded in Wuhan, China, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak.

The Ugandan cabinet had approved $61,800 to be sent to China for students in Wuhan, where the deadly coronavirus started, although the education ministry requested $600,000 – a much higher amount.

But the ministry mistakenly sent $600,000 to the embassy.

It has, hence, requested the embassy to refund the $538,200 excess.

Ministry of Finance has asked the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Sports to clarify on the above discrepancy.

According to the government, Uganda has about 105 students in Wuhan city Universities. 65 are known government-sponsored students while 40 are on private sponsorship.

Mr. Jim Mugunga, the Privatization Unit, and Ministry of Finance senior public relations officer said they have been in touch with the Embassy in Beijing and it has commenced processes of returning the funds.