Several African governments restrict official travel in hopes of slowing COVID-19 spread

As the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spreads to more areas, a health worker checks a man’s temperature at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Duhok, Iraq, last Tuesday.

Ghana and Gabon both announced temporary bans on official travel because of the coronavirus. A statement from Ghana’s presidency said only essential travel will be okayed for the moment The notice applied to all government ministries, departments and agencies.

In Gabon, parliament speaker Faustin Boukoubi announced the suspension of all foreign trips by lawmakers.

A memo sent to the lawmakers said all travel on behalf of the assembly had been suspended until further notice.

Gabon’s neighbor Cameroon has two recorded cases of the virus, Libreville closed their common border over the weekend as a precautionary measure.

The Kenyan Ministry of Sports banned Kenyan athletes from traveling to any international Sports events for the next 30 days following the global outbreak of Covid-19

In a letter sent to all sporting organizations, local sportsmen and sportswomen will not be permitted to travel to international competitions for the “safeguard of the public and the country at large.”

“Following the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the government has put in place measures to deal with the situation to safeguard the public and the country at large,” a statement from Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage said.

“In this regard, the Ministry wishes to inform you that there will be no more travel for international events until further notice and notably for the next one (1) month.