Cape Town Art Fair creates platform for emerging artists


The 2020 Investec Cape Town Art Fair concluded on Sunday in South Africa’s port city of Cape Town.

The event brought together artists, curators and collectors – all with the goal of creating global opportunities, for emerging African artists.

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair showcases a diversity of work that represents the forefront of contemporary art from Africa to the world, and the world to Cape Town.

The South African city boasts a vibrant arts scene, driven by the top galleries on the African continent and beyond. Thanks to its diverse cultural heritage and geographic beauty, Cape Town is a compelling destination for both art world professionals and collectors alike.

This event also provides an ideal platform for international buyers, who are intent on finding their next masterpiece from the African continent.

“This Art fair is the only international fair on the continent and it’s the largest fair in Africa. So it gets more appeal to artists that come from all over the world not just from South Africa or Africa. It can offer a very good platform to sell but also to engage or get to know other artists,” said Laura Vincenti, the Director, Investec Cape Town Art Fair.

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