Experts at AU discuss epidemic preparedness

Medical experts in Africa have acknowledged China’s efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

They have particularly been impressed by China’s regular dissemination of information, saying it helps vulnerable countries in Africa to be prepared.

Experts have been meeting on the sidelines of the African Union (AU) summit for a discussion under the theme “How to achieve epidemic preparedness in vaccine manufacturing capacity.”

The Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention control says there are no positive cases of coronavirus reported in Africa yet, but acknowledges that vigilance is required.

The experts also say that the move taken by some countries to suspend flights to China was ill advised.

“Yesterday  we received 3,000 test kits from China. If we suspend our flights to China we cannot get that kind of technical support from China. That is what we are saying , WHO is saying if we disrupt air travel and trade, then the part of the world that has not yet been affected will suffer in terms of response,” Dr. John Nkengasong, the Directos Africa CDC said.

As of February 10, the death toll from the outbreak in mainland China rose to 909, with 40,235 people infected.

As China continues to battle the virus, President Xi Jinping expressed his appreciation for medical workers who fight at the front line for their devotion and all-out efforts, and encouraged them to keep fighting and go through the difficult time with joint endeavor.

President Xi also urged makeshift hospitals to play more important roles so as to ensure no patient is left unattended, adding that the treatment plan should also be timely optimized.