African leaders voice solidarity with China’s coronavirus fight at AU summit


Leaders from across the continent have flocked to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to attend this year’s African Union Summit. There, many expressed their solidarity with the people and government of China as the country battles an ongoing outbreak of a novel coronavirus.

Johanesa Rakotonirina of the China-Madagascar Friendship Association said “China is fully capable of facing the epidemic,” going on to praise the country’s “good leadership” and ample resources.

Kwesi Quarty, Vice Chair of the African Union Commission, stressed that his organization was “very fully behind China in the struggle to deal with the coronavirus.” The official went on to say he was impressed with the speed at which China has managed to construct new medical infrastructure to help combat the outbreak.

The secretary of the China-Arab Friendship Association echoed these sentiments. Ali Youssef told reporters that “the Chinese government took very prompt action to combat the spread of the coronavirus. He went on praise the efficacy of travel restrictions put in place by Beijing.

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