Uganda quarantines 100 people at Entebbe airport amidst coronavirus scare

Microscopic view of Coronavirus, a pathogen that attacks the respiratory tract. Analysis and test, experimentation. Sars. 3d render

Ministry of Health in Uganda has reported over 100 people at Entebbe International Airport, arriving from China and have been placed under a 14 day quarantine to help curb the coronavirus outbreak.

The Health Minister,Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, confirmed that out of the 100 people, 44 are Chinese and 56 were of Ugandan decent.

“Those without visible symptoms will be isolated and quarantined in their houses after sensitization. Even without symptoms, infected persons may be infectious but this is in rare cases. They will be followed up by our surveillance officers for 14 days,” Dr Aceng said to journalists.

The patients have been quarantined separately for fear that those that have not contracted the virus might catch it from those who might be incubating the virus. Dr Aceng stressed however that there is a surveillance team which is always on alert and are doing rigorous  follow ups.

The country has intensified screening at its major border points and made it mandatory for all travellers from China to provide personal details for follow-up visits by health workers.

The government says there are hundreds of Ugandan students in China but there are currently no plans to evacuate them.

Fortunately no Africa state has reported any confirmed case of the coronavirus however governments remain vigilant in helping combat the outbreak.

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