Tunisia institutes measures to prevent spread of coronavirus


The Chinese Embassy in Tunisia has reaffirmed that the Chinese government is fully capable and confident of defeating the novel coronavirus and will continue to strengthen cooperation with the international community, especially the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Chinese Ambassador to Tunisia Wang Wenbin said the measures already taken by the Chinese government have helped deter further spread of the virus.

“’The Chinese government took radical measures to contain the epidemy, to stop its propagation to the exterior. If we count the number of cases outside China, it just represents 0.8 percent of the total contaminations’,” Ambassador Wang said.

The ambassador also revealed that China had shared all the necessary information with the North African country in a bid to help take the necessary precautions to defeat the virus.

“We have a good coordiation. The Chinese Embassy has welcomed the measures taken by the Tunisian Ministry of Health’,” he said.

As of Tuesday 4 February, there were 716 cases of recovery. 426 deaths have so far been reported in China, with one reported abroad. Confirmed cases in China have reached 20,527, while cases abroad have hit 176.

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