South African manufacturer donates masks to Wuhan

A South African company has supported China’s fight against the novel coronavirus by donating a consignment of face masks.

The masks donated by manufacturer U-Mask to the Chinese Ambassador in South Africa, and are set to be flown to the city of Wuhan, where medical practitioners are battling to halt the spread of the disease and new infections.

“The pandemic started in China, it’s most severe in China. In the rest of the world it’s still at beginning phases but the Chinese are they fighting this virus head-on. It’s not just a fight for for for China, it’s not just a fight for for Asia, and we need to we need to make sure that this virus doesn’t doesn’t make its way to to Africa, and this is our way of helping,” said Jordean Eksteen, Co-Founder, U-Mask

Ambassador Lin Songtian passed China’s gratitude for the masks donation, saying a unified fight against the virus would yield success.

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the South African government and people. You see this kind is not only the very simplicity of the donation, but the significance and the importance of this kind of gesture goes far beyond itself. So, our solidarity, to work together to fight against this global challenges to us. So is we are very encouraged, we are very in touched,” Ambassador Lin said.