Coronavirus: Mothers donate breast milk for quarantined nurse’s infant son


For his six month old son, Peng Jian has had to prepare ice blocks and insulation bags for breast milk from other mothers. They were kind enough to be donors.

Peng’s wife, a nurse, decided to quarantine herself in the hospital after a patient she treated was suspected of having the coronavirus.

CGTN spoke to the nurse from Huazhong University of Science and Technology Hospital;

“My son was not used to powdered milk, and soymilk was scarcely available. My husband asked me what to do. I had no idea. I couldn’t breastfeed, and had to abandon all the drained milk. I was frustrated, and cried for a long time. I told him I wouldnt come back home until I felt fine, so I couldn’t care of the family.”says Guo Qian

For days, she refused to look at pictures of her son, as knew it would take an emotional toll on her medical work.
Engorgement pain caused Guo to take three hours to drain the milk. Days later, she turned to a mother’s Wechat group for help.

Many mothers in the group said they were willing to donate. It was overwhelmingly moving,that she says she shared my husband’s contact info there.

It was then that their son immediately got help from other nursing mothers.

After a week-long observation, Guo was fine to return home. Peng said he would join his colleagues in sending voluntary aid to medical workers and supplies, given the public transportation stoppage over the spreading virus.


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