Sudan, Ethioipia, Egypt extend Nile dam talks


Talks are still ongoing between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia in Washington over Addis Ababa’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The latest round of talks, which began on Tuesday and Wednesday and is seeing an extension to a third day, is the latest bid to secure an agreement on the dam, which has stirred months of conflict and an impasse in negotiations between Cairo and Addis Ababa.

The last round of negotiations, sponsored by the US Treasury and the World Bank, aims to reach an agreement on rules regulating the filling and operation of the Ethiopian dam.

It comes few weeks after Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan reached a preliminary consensus in a round held earlier this month in Washington ahead of a critical deadline to finalise an agreement on the disputed dam.

Prior to Washington’s latest round of talks, Khartoum hosted a consultative meeting of the technical and legal delegations from Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia on the GERD, where they determined some elements and key terms regarding a final agreement on the dam’s operations, as well as the measures to be followed during times of drought, so as not to harm Egypt’s water quotas.

Tensions have been building between Egypt and Ethiopia in recent months after talks on the technical details governing the operation of the dam failed to make progress.

Ethiopia hopes that the massive $4.8 billion project on the Blue Nile, which has been under construction since 2011, will allow it to become Africa’s largest power exporter.


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