KWS: Osprey that flew from Finland to Kenya dies

A rare migratory bird known as Osprey has flown a distance of 6,948 km (4,317 miles) to land in Bondo, Siaya County, Kenya.

The rescued migratory Osprey bird that flew from Finland and landed in Kenya after covering over 6,000 kilometers has unfortunately died.

The four-year-old bird died during the weekend under the care of Kenya Wildlife Service and the licensed Raptor Rehabilitation Centre.

KWS tried to rehabilitate the bird and had intended to release it to the wild after recovery.

According to KWS, a post-mortem report concluded the osprey died from long term starvation which caused organ system failure.

A rare migratory bird known as Osprey covered a distance of 6,948 km (4,317 miles) to land in Kenya./Pictures courtesy of Kenya Wildlife Service.

The osprey, a fish-eating bird of prey, is believed to have flown a distance of 6,948 kilometers to land at Usalu village in West Yimbo Location of Bondo Sub County, Siaya County.

A resident of the tiny village located along the shores of the Lake Victoria, Walter Oloo, is said to have spotted the bird on Jan.20.

He reported the discovery to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) personnel in Siaya County.

The bird’s origin was established from a reference ring on its leg, whose details show that it was ringed in Helsinki, Finland.

It was reportedly caught in a fishing net and had struggled to free itself, according to a press statement released by Paul Odoto, the KWS Communications director on Thursday last week.

Ospreys, scientifically known as Pandion haliaetus, are also referred to as sea hawks or river hawks.

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