Security agents arrest 13 migrants in southern Morocco

Fatalities in the Mediterranean will top 1000 for the sixth straight year in a row after a shipwreck off the coast of Morocco this past weekend that involved as many as 40 migrants (IOM)

Moroccan security agents in the Southern parts of Morocco, have aborted an attempt to organize an irregular migration operation on Thursday, January 2.

FILE PHOTO: Migrants disembark from a dinghy at “Del Canuelo” beach after they crossed the Strait of Gibraltar sailing from the coast of Morocco, in Tarifa, southern Spain, July 27, 2018./REUTERS

A statement from the General Directorate of National-DGSN Security said security services arrested 13 would-be migrants, ten of whom are from sub-Saharan countries.

The three other migrants are from Morocco.

Police seized equipment used in irregular migration operations including two engines, rescue equipment, and rubber boats.

The statement added that the police will investigate the case to clarify the circumstances of the irregular migration attempt.

The investigation will also help the police to identify and arrest the organizers of the irregular migration operation and suspects involved in the network.

The arrest is part of Morocco’s efforts to fight against undocumented migration networks.