Police officer caught driving two days in a row while drunk

Johannesburg South Africa./Getty Images

A police officer was nabbed in South Africa twice driving while being drunk by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) as the holiday season nears an end.

“The officer was given a R500 ($36) bail following his first arrest in Zebediel in Limpopo on Thursday night. He was again caught on Friday night when he allegedly tried to flee from a roadblock. He was found to be twice above the alcohol [limit] when tested,” RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane said on Saturday.

He said the arrest came as a clamp down on roads was implemented with families making their way back home after the Christmas festivities.

Zwane said that since December 1, more than 2 500 people had been arrested.

“Drivers are reminded to reduce speed, increase the following distance and turn on the headlights when driving in rainy conditions. It is the best option to find a safe place and park when confronted by severe thunderstorms.”

He added: “Motorists are again warned to refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol and adhere to the speed limits.”

Zwane said the number of crashes involving excessive speed and pedestrians increased during the holidays.