Shine Kibera TV: Meet Kenya’s youngest journalists

Kibera settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, always has stories to tell. It is an area depicted in mainstream media as one of poverty and crime, but arts, culture, and talent are pervasive. And there is a growing group of unique reporters, documenting these stories in style.

Shine Kibera TV is a news program run entirely by the kids from Kibera. From reporters, cameramen, anchors, and producers, Kibera’s young journalists are a well known sight on the streets of Kibera, always ready to dive into the latest news and features and document life from Kibera.

Each week the kids create a 20-minute news segment to broadcast on a local Kenyan channel, with the guidance of local journalist Job Bitange Moturi. Started in 2013, the program has grown to 65 students, telling powerful stories and building their confidence in the process.