Egypt’s new mega-museum set to open in 2020

Grand Egyptian Museum near Cairo is set for a partial opening in 2019

The works on the Grand Egyptian Museum are 94.5 percent complete according to the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani.

FILE PHOTO: This picture taken on August 4, 2019 shows the gilded coffin of King Tutankhamun during a restoration process at the conservation center in the Grand Egyptian Museum./AFP/Getty Images

Anani said that the museum  which is due to open its doors to the public in 2020 “is one of the ministry’s largest projects.”

Constructed on approximately 500,000 square meters, the mega museum is located nearby the Giza Pyramids. It is expected to be one of the largest museums in the world presenting a heritage of ancient civilization.

Anani said “approximately 49,603 artifacts were transferred to the museum from all the archaeological sites and museums.”

He added that the museum is expected to house around 100,000 pieces from various periods of Egypt’s rich and long history.

“The most important pieces that the museum will include is the statue of King Ramses II in the lobby and statues of King Thutmose III, and Amenhotep III in the main exhibition halls,” he added.

Some 5,000 pieces of King Tutankhamun, discovered in 1922, will be the impressive exhibition of the museum, he added.

The minister said that it will house antiquities from prehistoric times to the Greek era.