Egypt unearths giant ancient statue in Luxor

Egyptian-German archaeological mission uncovers a huge statue of ancient Egyptian King Horus on the West Bank of Luxor province, Egyptian Antiquities Ministry says on Dec. 19, 2019./ Xinhua/Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

Egypt has uncovered a huge statue of an ancient ruler, the latest discovery in the north African country’s efforts to unearth lost treasures from ancient times.

The country’s antiquities ministry said in a statement on Thursday that the Egyptian-German archaeological mission had unearthed the statue of King Horus on the West Bank of Luxor province.

“The mission found big part of the statue during the excavations work in the Temple of Millions of Years of Amenhotep III in Kom El-Hitan site,” said Fathi Yassin, director-general of West Bank Antiquities in Luxor.

Yassin said that the 1.85-m-long statue was made of black granite, featuring King Horus standing in the form of a falcon with no legs and broken arms.

The head of the archeological mission, Hourig Sourouzian, said the statue is still in good condition.

“It is of great artistic, scientific and archaeological value that will contribute to showing a full picture for the Temple of King Amenhotep III after it had been destroyed in an earthquake that occurred in the 28th century B.C.,” she added.

Egypt has witnessed several big archeological discoveries this year in different parts of the country, including Pharaonic tombs, statues, coffins and mummies.