South Africa records reduction in malaria in 2019

Close up a Mosquito sucking human blood_set B-4
Close-up of a mosquito sucking human blood. (Getty Images)

South Africa recorded about 12,000 cases of malaria with 63 deaths from January to October 2019, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said on Monday.

NICD released their communicable diseases communique which showed that this year the country recorded reduction in malaria infection and deaths.

NICD said the country recorded around 17,000 cases with 114 deaths during the same period last year.

“During the holiday season, many people will be exposed because of their travel to higher transmission areas, both internally and outside the country borders, particularly in Mozambique. People who are planning to travel are urged to take adequate measures to protect themselves from malaria,” said NICD in the statement.

The NICD stated that malaria cases in the country are expected to increase during the summer months, with higher temperatures and rainfall in transmission areas. People should take prevention medication before visiting malaria risk areas, limit outdoor activity after dark, cover up bare skin and using mosquito repellents.

“All travellers returning from malaria transmission areas, including very low risk ones, should report flu-like illness (headache, fever, chills, fatigue, muscle and joint pain) that occurs up to three weeks after first potential exposure, in case it is malaria,” it said.