Massive crop destruction in Kenya as heavy rains continue

People clean up a road after landslides caused massive destruction to infrastructure in West Pokot County, Kenya, on Nov. 23, 2019./ Xinhua Photo

Persistent rains in Kenya have destroyed crops and caused massive destruction to the country’s agricultural sector in recent weeks.

The East African country has been hit by heavy downpour since October, with the resulting floods killing about 60 people.

Kenya, like many other countries in Africa, has experienced an unpredictable weather pattern characterized by lengthy dry spells and destructive rains.

As has been in the past, the rains were expected to be heavy in October and reduce in intensity as time goes by to allow crops to flourish.

Now, the country’s meteorological department has predicted that the intensity of the rains would continue in December, with some areas expected to receive as high as 50mm of downpour in a day.

The government has urged people living in the affected areas to relocate to safer places to avoid further loss of lives as it continues with mitigation efforts.

The constant downpour however is a major concern for farmers, who had hoped for better yields this season after failed previous seasons.

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