TALK AFRICA: 5G Shaping the future


5G is the next 5th generation mobile network, expected to transform lives with its revolutionary speed, connecting millions of devices and enabling everything from driverless cars to smart homes. It is up to 20 times faster than the 4G most of us use now.

China has rolled out the world’s largest 5G network and recently hosted the first world 5G convention, under the theme: 5G changes the world and creates the future.

But while 5G development is said to offer great potential to connect more consumers, generate new businesses and eliminate extreme poverty, some regions of the world such as Africa still struggle with internet connectivity.  So are these merely aspirational potentials or will Africa benefit from the wave of 5G?

On this week’s episode of Talk Africa, we will find out more about 5G and what it holds for the future.

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