All is set for Namibia elections:Electoral commission

Namibia Elections Vote Box Vector Work
Namibians will vote in a general election on Wednesday — the ruling SWAPO party has ruled the country since 1990 (AFP)

Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) on Tuesday gave assurance that it is ready to host the Namibian presidential and parliamentary elections.

ECN chairperson, Notemba Tjipueja, said the election commission conducted 97 percent civic voter education in the run-up to the final voting day.

Tjipueja also confirmed that two presidential candidates filled a request for their withdrawal from the race to support other candidates.

“The ECN is pleased to announce that the special elections went smoothly and the results will be collated on November 27,” She said.

ECN also allayed fears raised by other opposition parties over Electronic Voters Machines (EVM).

“Our EVMs were subjected to first level checks before being considered for use. We have made sure that our EVMs are in good working order. This process was done monitored by political parties as well as the police in order to maintain transparency,” she said.

Namibia will see seven candidates vying for presidency while 15 political parties are battling for the parliamentary election.

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