UN-backed Libyan government condemns east-based army’s airstrikes

The UN-backed government of Libya on Tuesday condemned airstrikes carried out by the east-based army in Misurata city and the capital Tripoli.

“The Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist airstrikes carried out by foreign air force that targeted main stores of the Department for Administrative Centers Development in Misurata,” the UN-backed government said in a statement.

“The terrorist act committed by the war criminal (the east-based army commander) and his militias adds to the series of terrorist assaults on airports, hospitals, schools, government buildings, and public and private properties,” the statement said.

Earlier in the day, the east-based army announced that its fighter jets had destroyed armored vehicles moving from Turkey to the UN-backed government forces in Misurata, some 200 km east of Tripoli.

According to Misurata Medical Center, 13 people, including a woman, were injured in the airstrikes.

The UN-backed government also condemned an airstrike that was carried out on Monday in southern Tripoli, which targeted a local factory, killing 7 people and injured 30 others, mostly migrant workers.

“We … call on the UN Security Council to enforce its resolutions and take a firm stand against the war criminal (the east-based army commander) and his militias,” the statement said.

For more than seven months, Tripoli has been witnessing deadly armed conflict between the UN-backed government and the east-based army which is trying to take over the capital city and topple the UN-backed government.

The fighting has killed and injured many and forced more than 120,000 to flee their homes away from violence.