Chinese-funded hydropower project expected to light up Burundi

Photo courtesy: Xinhua

Burundi will soon boost its electricity production thanks to a Chinese-built hydropower project currently under construction in Rumonge Province.

Photo courtesy: Xinhua

Upon completion, the Ruzibazi hydropower station, with a capacity of 15 megawatts, will be the country’s largest.

“Work on the Chinese-aid-to-Burundi International Hydroelectric Dam project began on October 15, 2018, and is set to be completed on March 31, 2022. The total investment in the project is US$ 70 million,” said Mao Xueyan, Ruzibazi project manager.

Xueyan added that his team will ensure the completion of the project on time with high quality, so as to benefit the Burundian people as soon as possible and contribute to the friendship between China and Burundi.

The project is among many other Chinese initiatives in Burundi, which have helped boost relations between the two sides.

Sinohydro has employed hundreds of people directly and indirectly, and also helped bring people from the two countries closer.

“Currently there are 60 of Chinese personnel on the project site, and more than 400 local Burundian personnel,” Mao said.

“We Chinese workers get along very well with our Burundian counterparts. In the years since we have begun the project, there have been no conflicts between us. It’s been friendly throughout,” said Li Deming, the Construction Manager.

Once the project gets up running, many Burundians are expected to be connected to electricity, ending their use of hazardous lighting systems.