Seychelles Fest vendors say businesses had a low turnover

Food, drinks and live music highlighted the second day of the Seychelles Creole festival.

Sundays are typically a day for relaxing but the final Sunday in October saw thousands of families in Freedom Square enjoying the final moments of the 34th edition of the Creole festival.

Local vendors were busy working to reap good profits before the festival winds down.
One food vendor,  Lisa, sells alcohol and beer. The most popular item is the local beer, ‘Seybrew ‘
Lisa tells us this is her second time at the festival and she sells both soft and hard drinks but most of her clientele are those of beer 
“You know there’s no festival without drinks what we did is put two separate tents far from each other one that sells alcohol and the other non-alcoholic drinks for the sake of our kids who we shouldn’t expose too early to alcohol.”
However, she decries of low profits in this years festival saying that as compared to 2018.
As you can see my stock is still not complete as compared to last year this year’s festival has not been good to me.”
Elsewhere, we meet two separate vendors one who sells traditional Seychelles food and the other one sells burgers, chicken and other fast food. 
Both businesses paint an unglamorous picture of the profit they reaped during the two-day festival, saying business has been okay – decent, not great.  However, as we talk to them, walk-in customers stop by for a sample. The customers seem to love their food.

For families who tagged along their kids they were toys and games been sold on display just to cater for the different age sets present.

Overall, the festival attracted large crowds but the business turnover seemed not to have been impressive however most vendors believe that this is better as compared to selling in the market.