Chinese and Kenyan leaders celebrate school donation scholarship

Students of Kilimani Primary School accept a donation from the under the Spring Bud scholarship. (Photo: David Maeri/CGTN)

Leaders of the Chinese embassy and the Kenyan Ministry of Education came together today, October 24, at the Kilimani Primary school in Nairobi, Kenya, for an annual student scholarship and donation ceremony.

The event saw the Jiangsu Business Development Association donate 170,000 KSH ($1,645) to the local elementary school, alongside 100 pieces of clothing and 100 mosquito nets. Outstanding students in the school were also awarded 5000 KSH ($48) under the Spring Bud scholarship.

They were joined by students, teachers, and parents at the award ceremony, which saw grade eight students perform a musical number before the donation was made.

“At the end of each year, we will select some students and teachers who have achieved excellent and outstanding performance this year. To reward their efforts and contributions in studies and education over the past year, today is the time for us to deliver on our promises,” Mr. Xiong Yongwei, Chairman of the Jiangsu Business Development Association.

Students of Kilimani Primary School accept a donation from the under the Spring Bud scholarship. (Photo: David Maeri/CGTN)

“I want to sincerely thank the team of Jiangsu business development association,” Pascar Kayi, Head Teacher of Kilimani Primary school, told the audience. “Motivating these learners , all spheres of learners, will greatly improve the standards of academics in Kilimani primary school and even those who do not meet the academic pressure will always work hard to make their own achievement,” he added.

Teachers of Kilimani Primary School gather on stage during the ceremony. (Photo: David Maeri/CGTN)

With schools in the area struggling to meet financial needs, the donation is much needed, Elisha Arasa, Chairperson of the Parents Association with Kilimani Primary school, told CGTN.

“The population of Kilimani primary school is around 1,500 children. And with most of them coming from poor communities. If you look you can see there is so much the school needs. Children walk on mud, the walkways are not paved. And if you go to the classroom, you realise we don’t have books,” Arasa said. “We want to thank the Chinese organization that has come to support the needy children. It is a very good step in the right direction,” he added.

“Today I hope that through the Chinese community, this is a testing ground, and we appreciate what they have brought in. Given the magnitude of issues we have in this school – ground, infrastructure – we probably need more, in terms of donating.” noted Hon. Simba Arati, MP of Dagoretti North Constituency where Kilimani Primary school is located. “This is a good initiative. The Chinese have come this way, to give mosquito nets, to appreciate teachers.”

Hon. Simba Arati, MP of Dagoretti North Constituency, accepts donation of clothing and mosquito nets from representatives of Jiangsu Business Association. (Photo: David Maeri/CGTN)

Jiangsu Business Development Association was established on March 9, 2019 under the leadership of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kenya. The association aims to promote relations between the people of China and Kenya, and enhance the exchanges & cooperation between the two counties.

Part of the donation to Kilimani Primary School. (Photo: David Maeri/CGTN)

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