Malawi downplays Ebola scare

A signpost shows how to prevent Ebola from spreading./ Getty Images

The Malawian government has dismissed fears of a possible Ebola outbreak in the country after a suspected case was reported in the northern district of Karonga.

The patient was admitted at a health facility last week with symptoms associated with the deadly disease, prompting fears of an outbreak.

Countries in East and Central Africa have been on high alert as the Democratic Republic of Congo battles its worst ever Ebola outbreak.

The current Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo has killed more than 2,100 people since August last year.

The World Health Organization in July declared the Ebola outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, calling for more measures to curb its spread.

While Malawi does not border the DR Congo, it’s health authorities are also on high alert in a bid to prevent the disease from spilling into its territory.

Health Secretary Dan Namarika dismissed the fears of an outbreak in a statement released Monday night.

“There’s no history suggesting contact or travel to any region with Ebola,” Namarika said.

“The patient is being managed with broad spectrum antibiotics, fluids and general supporting care.”

Namarika however reiterated that the Malawi government will remain vigilant to ensure that the disease does not spread into the country.

(With input from BBC)