Chinese Embassy holds Open Day event in Nairobi

Students from the Confucius Institute at the Kenyatta University

The Chinese embassy in Nairobi on Thursday hosted an open day to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which falls on October 1st 

The event brought together over 300 guests including local Kenyan companies as well as Chinese companies based in Nairobi to showcase their products.  

Speaking to CGTN, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng, said that it was a unique event where both the Kenyan and Chinese people were celebrated.   

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng at the Chinese Open Day

“We have come to celebrate the friendship between the two countries, Kenya and China,” he said.  

The ambassador said that it was important for the two countries to continue working together for a common goal.   

“China and Kenya are developing countries, we should work hand in handand in the next 70 years we should emerge as the world powers.”  

The ambassador added that the friendship between China and Kenya has been developing at an accelerated pace. 

One of the companies showcasing at the Open Day was ‘Bring the World to you’ an organization that aims to help African children to be cognizant of the world and expand their vision.  

As part of their charity efforts, children from low-income backgrounds are invited to express their creative side by coloring and painting on different greeting cards. These cards are then sold and the proceeds from these are used to educate the children.   

Founded in 2014 by Bobu Africa Limited and Infinix with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, the Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association and the Zhejian business Association, the organization has been able to raise Ksh 700,000.    

More than 200 orphans and children from low-income families in Kenya have benefited from the cards initiative (Photo: Bobu Africa)

More than 200 Chinese and Kenyan volunteers have continuously participated in this charity for more than 5 years where more than 200 orphans and children from low-income families in Kenya have benefited.  

“Teaching people to fish is better than giving people fish,’ says founder Shi Yingying. “We help children focus on expanding their potential, cultivate their skills in painting, music and dance.”  

As part of the 70th Anniversary celebrations, Emmanuel New Hope Resue Centre and Jambo Toto Children created a charity card for the anniversary where they hoped to sell more than 3,000 cards.  

“Children can use their skills to obtain sustainable income and gradually improve their learning and living environment with their own strength and become an important force in promoting the development of local society in future through good products and designs.” 

Other companies which were also present at the Open Day included Huawei, AVIC International, among others.  

That was not all for the Open Day, there was also some entertainment courtesy of the students from the Confucius Institute at the Kenyatta University who showcased a number of Chinese cultural performances, including a dance named “Better and Better’. 

Students from the Confucius Institute at the Kenyatta University with their volunteer lecturer Weiwei Liu

There was also a dance performance ‘Bian Lian’ or ‘Changing Face’ part of an ancient Chinese dramatic art where performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick, dramatic music. They also wear vividly colored masks, typically depicting well known characters from the opera. 

Bian Lian’ or ‘Changing Face’ dance