Sudan’s cabinet adopts urgent measures to end fuel crisis

Sudan's Minister of Information, Faisal Mohammed Saleh
Sudan’s Minister of Information, Faisal Mohammed Saleh

Sudan’s Council of Ministers on Tuesday adopted urgent measures to increase fuel supply in a bid to end the fuel crisis.

“The Council of Ministers has adopted a number of urgent measures to address this problem,” Sudan’s Information Minister Faisal Mohamed Saleh told reporters after a session of the cabinet.

“These measures include increasing the daily quantities of supply of benzene and gasoline in Khartoum and other places as well as setting up arrangements to address the transport problem,” he said.

Saleh said that the government-run Petrotrans Company has been tasked with transporting oil derivatives and monitoring the flow of oil materials to the service stations with the concerned authorities.

Saleh added that the cabinet also ordered the halt of collecting toll fees to avoid transport delays.

He said that the country’s reserve of fuel is sufficient for 40 days of consumption as more fuels have arrived in the country through the Port-Sudan harbor.

Since the beginning of this year, Sudan has been suffering from a severe fuel crisis.

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