Six al-Shabab militants were killed on Friday:Somali army

Map of Somalia showing areas affected by explosive hazards (UN Photo)

Six al-Shabab militants were killed and nine others injured on Friday in a joint offensive by Somali army and Jubbaland state forces, a military official said on Saturday.

Abdi Nur Ibrahim, Jubbaland security forces spokesman said the joint security operations were carried out in the north of Kismayo town and the south of Jamame town where the forces captured many villages in those areas.

“Our forces inflicted severe casualties on the militants, killing six of them and injuring nine others. We captured Gubadle, Yeri, Jay, Leri villages,” Ibrahim said.

He added that the allied forces also recovered weapons and detained members of the militants who were injured during the operation.

Local inhabitants said an intense battle broke out in the town.

“The army started wide offensives in Jamame town, there was a fierce fighting between the militants and the forces in the town, the army are now in the town and the militants withdrew from it,” Safi Osman, a resident told Xinhua by phone.

On Aug. 21, government forces killed 11 militants and injured 15 others in Jowhar town in Middle Shabelle region in southern Somalia.

Southern regions of Somalia became the battle ground of al- Shabab extremists and the government forces after the militants were chased out from the capital in August 2011 by AU forces and Somali army.