African groups to coordinate efforts to protect rights of women, children, youth

Fleeing the escalating violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Ituri Province, the lines were mostly made up of women and children. Image courtesy: Oliver W Jarvis
A new initiative aims to bring together all youth and women’s organizations in Africa. (File Photo)

Khaled Ghouil, president of National Organization of Libyan Youth (NOLY), announced on Saturday in Tunis an initiative to promote African coordination to protect the rights of women, children and the youth of the continent.

“This initiative will work to find solutions to all problems and challenges facing African women and youth,” said Ghouil at a regional conference organized by the National Union of Tunisian Women (UNFT) in partnership with NOLY, the National Forum of Tunisian Women, the Union of Students and Youth of the Sahel and Sahara Countries and the Tunisian National Youth Council.

According to NOLY’s president, this initiative aims to bring together all youth and women’s organizations in Africa.

“A commission will be created to ensure the follow-up of the common actions in accordance with the international conventions signed between the African Union and the European Union, notably those relating to the realization of development and investment projects,” he said.

With human rights organizations included, this initiative will prosecute all perpetrators of crimes against humanity, mainly women and youth, Ghouil noted.

For her part, UNFT President Radhia Jeribi said the initiative will seek radical solutions to all problems facing women and youth in Africa such as poverty, illiteracy, migration, wars and political conflicts.

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