Talk Africa: Mauritius-The melting pot

The African Island of Mauritius, nestled in the Indian Ocean, emerged after an underwater volcanic eruption about 8 million years ago. This unspoiled paradise, without an indigenous human population, was successively colonized by the Dutch in 1638, the French in 1715,  and the British in 1810.
With the colonials came African slaves, and the indentured laborers from India and China – who in turn, brought to the island their languages, religions, traditions and foods.
By the time of political independence in 1968, Mauritius had already developed its unique melting pot characteristics. Creole, French and English are all spoken by just about every local Mauritian.
And new immigrants keep coming from all over the world, adding their unique contributions to this dynamic and vibrant melting pot.
On this special episode of Talk Africa filmed on location in Mauritius, we’ll introduce you to a unique mix of local islanders – their collective voice echoes what it means to be Mauritian today.

Liu Feifei


Vincent Ah-Chuen- Managing Director, ABC Group

Pawan Gopaul- Doctor, AUC Care: Pain & Rehabilitation Centre
Sharanaz Subratty- Managing Director, Casting World
Maxell Ernest, Environmental Activist

Cecile Masson, Loyalty Manager, IBL Group