Kenya to list intersex persons in the upcoming census

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) will enumerate intersex persons in the upcoming national population census slated for August 24-25, following the introduction of a third gender marker.

The population of intersex persons in Kenya is currently estimated at about 700,000.

Previously, KNBS only listed people as either male or female.

The new marker was introduced by the bureau in December last year, after prolonged consultations.

Intersex persons say they’ve been denied basic services like registering a bank account or medical insurance and are forced to decide between being male and female while registering.

According to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) Commissioner Judy Waruhiu for the first time, the government will have factual data on intersex persons.

“This will help the government while planning on health, education and even on the employment sector,” Waruhiu, who is also the intersex taskforce report implementation Committee Chairperson, said on Monday.

Parents have been asked to voluntarily offer information on their intersex children.

The outcome, according to KNBS will be announced after 3 months.

This will be the 24th census since the country gained its independence.