Suspect in bombing that killed Mogadishu mayor was blind


According to a statement from the security ministry in Somalia, preliminary findings have revealed that the suicide bomber that killed Mogadishu’s mayor and six others was a blind woman who worked in city government.

Investigators say the bomber blew up herself with the help of another woman she worked with.

The al Qaeda-linked Islamist militant group, al-Shabaab, which aims to topple Somalia’s U.N.-backed government, claimed responsibility for the July 24 attack in Mogadishu.

The security ministry said in a statement: “The female bomber was disabled (blind). She misused the opportunity and acted with enmity against the bosses and the people she worked with.”

A month before the bombing, the two women took leaves of absence from work, the ministry statement and visited an area of Somalia controlled by al-Shabaab.

The attack is believed to be the first one in which al-Shabaab used a disabled person as a suicide bomber.

The whereabouts of the suicide bomber’s colleague are unknown.



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