British PM to civil servants: prepare to leave EU with or without a deal



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson informed all government civil servants in a written statement that leaving the European Union is a priority and that they should prepare for a “no-deal” exit if it comes to that.

“I would very much prefer to leave with a deal but I recognize this may not happen,” the letter said, according to Sky news.

“That is why preparing urgently and rapidly for the possibility of an exit without a deal will be my top priority, and it will be the top priority for the Civil Service too, “he added.

Early this week, Johnson dispatched his top diplomat and foreign trade minister to Washington in the hopes of fast-tracking a post-Brexit trade deal with the U.S.

The UK has an October 31 deadline to finally exit the European Union and for Johnson, striking some kind of trade accord with the Trump administration has taken on even greater importance.

US President Donald Trump has said that trade between the two countries could multiply once Britain leaves the EU and spoke to the British prime minister about a deal within days of Johnson taking office last month.

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