Moroccan king wants new govt. plan for tackling inequality

Morocco's King Mohammed VI (Getty Images)
Morocco’s King Mohammed VI (Getty Images)

The Moroccan King Mohammed VI announced on Monday night to set up an ad-hoc committee for a new development model, to tackle social inequalities.

“Our development model has proven to be inadequate in terms of helping us meet the growing needs of the population, reduce social inequalities and tackle regional disparities,” said Mohammed VI in a speech to the nation on the occasion of Throne Day celebrated Tuesday, marking his 20 years on the throne.

The committee will be inaugurated in autumn, he added.

He said that this committee will include representatives from various fields of knowledge and intellectual currents, including prominent Moroccans from the public and the private sectors.

“It will have to take into consideration the major reforms introduced in a number of sectors, such as education, health, agriculture, investment and taxation. The committee is expected to make suggestions on how to improve these reforms and increase effectiveness,” he added.

He also urged the government to start working on major, integrated next-generation plans, which will form the backbone of the new development model.

“Our main ambition is for Morocco to join the ranks of developed nations,” he added.

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