International community urged to assist Somalia on human rights

Somalis gather and search for survivors by destroyed buildings at the scene of a blast in the capital Mogadishu, Somalia, October 14, 2017. (Photo - AP)
United Nations Independent Expert, Bahame Tom Nyanduga-Photo|UN

The global community has been urged to assist Somalia on various fronts to address issues of negative effects of climate change on the population and ensure access to basic human rights such as water supply, health services, and education for all children, in particular girls.

Somalia has made “considerable progress” in its political, economic, social and human rights situation over the past six years, “there is much more to do,” United Nations Independent Expert, Bahame Tom Nyanduga said.

According to Mr. Nyanduga, Somalia also faces many other challenges, including continuing conflict, discrimination and youth unemployment, as well as “delivering economic, social and cultural rights”.

He did commend the Somali people for their resilience in the face of frequent terrorist attacks, natural disasters, grave human rights violations and other challenges, such as poverty and lack of basic necessities for their livelihoods.

He also expressed concern over the delay in establishing the National Human Rights Commission and in progress on a Sexual Offences Bill.

Somalia has in the recent past seen an increased number of women in Parliament and cabinet.

But Mr. Nyanduga appealed to the Somali Parliament to create a specific mechanism within the proposed electoral law to ensure that women, minority clans and other vulnerable groups were represented in Parliament.

Women carry jerry cans of water from shallow wells dug from the sand along the Shabelle River bed, which is dry due to drought in Somalia’s Shabelle region.

He also appealed to the international community to keenly focus on the country’s water crisis, which has been the source of perennial conflict between clans, and to help the Government to find long term, permanent solutions.

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